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Making the Most of Hummingbird for Your Internet Marketing

nHummingbird has brought about some of the biggest changes to search since 2001, and the internet marketing community has been in a bit of a panic about how the new algorithm will affect their internet marketing strategies.nnHummingbird has taken Google one step further towards becoming more like a personal assistant than just a search engine. Rather than looking at specific phrases, it’s now looking at the entire search query and handling it more as a question like a human would. The idea is to provide more relevant search results than ever, so your site content needs to be written to ensure it is found for the right reasons.n

Focus Your Internet Marketing on Providing Valuable Information

nUsing Hummingbird for your internet marketingNow, there’ll be less focus on actual keywords and more focus on the underlying meaning of content, which Google has been shifting towards for a while anyway. So if someone types in, ‘which is the best security software,’ for example, Google will know to bring up reviews and advice articles rather than security software websites. It’s all about knowing your audience’s needs and interests, and tailoring your site content to suit them.nnAs you’re no doubt aware, Google wants to know all about you, the people you know and the people who know you. Knowing this builds trust in you and your company, and one of the best ways to provide this information is by joining Google+. Google wants to know what people like and what they want, which result in companies with the best products and services rising the top of the rankings – regardless of size.n

Write for End Users, Not Search Engines

nTo summarise, if Hummingbird works as it should, all you need to worry about is running a good business and producing great content to make sure your customers know that. Never try and trick people that visit your site – it doesn’t work for long and you’ll be punished in the long run!nnThe ever changing world of internet marketing can be tough, so why not let the expert team at MonkeyFish Marketing help you with your internet marketing strategies? We use a wide variety of techniques to deliver our clients excellent results, so if you would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01282 504730.

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Making the Most of Hummingbird for Your Internet Marketing