Man faces 30 years in jail for leaking iPad secrets
One big story at the moment in the ever topical world of social media, is the story of a gentleman who resides in the U.S. Who is being charged with leaking vital information in regards to Apple products before the official launch of such products. The man being charged is said to be facing up to thirty years behind bars if found guilty of the crime and this looks like it could be quite a possibility as the man has already pleaded guilty to the accusations. A Mr Walter Shimoon revealed that he leaked top secret information in regards to the then unreleased first generation i-pad to many industry figures, in addition to this revelation it was also heard that leaked the fact that the the new i–phone 4 would have two cameras. Mr. Shimoon at the time worked for Flextronics International, a company who first hand supply components to Apple and also other tech giants, so he had access to inside information of what the Cupertino tech giant had in mind. Mr. Shimoons head was turned and he turned informant for the tidy sum of £16, 900. Taped phone calls of Mr. Shimoons conversations were accessed and they were said to reveal Mr. Shimoon saying that at Apple you could get fired for mentioning K48 outside a meeting that didn’t contain associates of K48. Mr. Shimoon is due to face his sentencing in July of 2013, so I do advise you that if you do have any inside information about Apple products, that you keep it to yourself.
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