Marketing Agency Predictions 2013: Native Advertising!

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It’s been predicted by industry experts that, in 2013, native advertising will start to replace traditional display advertising more and more. “So what actually is native advertising?” Well, it stands for advertisements that mean different things to different people, though at a more basic level it’s just a phrase that’s been used to refer to ads which are delivered and seamlessly integrated into our core experience. These kinds of advertisements started to gain momentum last year and they look like becoming the preferred platform for display advertising this year. As a marketing agency, we're taking note! You’re probably wondering where this kind of advertising has been used so far and the answer is, you won’t be surprised to hear, Facebook and Twitter. They applied the technique with a lot of success last year by adding and incorporating sponsored posts into user’s timeline streams on portable devices such as iPads, iPhones, smart phones and tablets. At the same time, many other publishers have grown their own native advertising options for mobile, and on the internet, by allowing advertisers to create ad units that appear in the stream of content published on websites. Furthermore, a recent industry survey revealed that a third of publishers are likely or very likely to add this growing native advertising option to their websites. So now you know why your timeline on Twitter and Facebook on portable devices have been getting filled up with advertisements that have seemingly come from nowhere. You probably had an idea that it was some sort of new initiative being carried out by these sites, and now you know it was all down to native advertising. It’s been said that, in regards to mobile devices, native advertising excels on the portable format because the user can’t exactly look anywhere else on a screen that’s so small. As a leading online marketing agency we understand that the marketing industry is always evolving and how best to take advantage of new trends to the benefit of our customers. To find out more about working with clever online marketing agency, MonkeyFish Marketing, use the buttons below to contact us and we'll be in touch as soon as possibly can.

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