Marketing Agency Trends for 2013: Forget Likes!

Marketing agency predictions for 2013: Social media!

Whether you're just venturing in to social media marketing or you've been doing it for a while, every single marketing agency will tell you that it plays a big part of any modern business strategy. Not only does it give you chance to promote your brand elsewhere online, but it also lets you interact with your clients and customers in a more relaxed way. It may be intimidating looking at some of the bigger brands and wondering how you'll ever get that many 'likes' but don't worry, marketing agencies are predicting that in 2013, likes won't matter quite as much. Don't Worry About 'Likes' While you'd automatically assume that having thousands and thousands of followers means more engagement, recent studies actually suggest that quite often - the opposite is the case. Facebook app developer, Napkin Labs, carried out a study on 50 brands who each had between 200,000 to 1 million likes each and discovered that only 60% of their fans engaged with their pages on average. Pages with at least 900,000 fans had 60% less engagement than those with 500,000 - 600,000 fans. Sling Digital, a Twitter ad optimisation service carried out their own research on all Fortune 100 companies who were active on the network. Again they found that engagement dropped off when brands had a larger number of followers. Although the findings are encouraging for the smaller businesses out there, it doesn't mean that those hoping to embark on their own social media marketing shouldn't aim to accumulate a good following. It does however mean that larger brands will need to re-focus their engagement metrics, looking at factors other than the number of likes and followers. As a clever internet marketing agency we understand that finding time to implement social media marketing can be hard, that's why we offer a social media management service, to raise your online presence and brand awareness through social platforms. To find out more, use the buttons below to contact us and we'll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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