Marketing Agency Trends for 2013 - Mobile Advertising

Marketing agency predictions for 2013 - take note!

With the New Year upon us and all those emails read and filed away, it's time to start thinking (if you haven't already) about the direction of your marketing strategy this year. If you haven't got a marketing agency getting started is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Each year we take a look at predictions for various areas of marketing, from SEO to social media, and this year we've got some great tips from top marketing agencies that should help you start 2013 with a bang! We'll be sharing a new one each day for the whole of this week so make sure you subscribe to us via RSS! Pursue Mobile Advertising In 2012, mobile advertising reached an all time high, with companies spending millions of pounds advertising on mobile devices. We can blame Facebook and Google in part, who both experienced a huge growth in revenue from their mobile ad products last year. Introducing its first mobile ad 'sponsored stories' in February, it now generates a staggering $3 million PER DAY from businesses using mobile ads. Jealous? So are we! With these platforms continually improving and with consumers expected to spend both more money and more time on their mobile devices, mobile advertising spends will continue to grow, becoming the priority of advertisers looking to gain maximum exposure from their ads online. With the ability to customise your ads (especially on Facebook) to your target audience why not give it a go? The new way to advertise online, try investing a small amount in  mobile advertising and take a look at the results. Monitor closely the effect it has on the number of users interacting with you and your website and you'll soon see whether it could be beneficial to your business. Remember to check back tomorrow for our next prediction! As a clever internet marketing agency, we like to keep on top of all the latest trends and updates but if you want to find out more about our services, please feel free to browse our website or contact us to find out how we can help you make waves this year!

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