Maximise your business with Google Events

Google recently rolled out a new feature, Google Events, which targets mobile users who need fast information on-the-go. The feature was launched in the USA in May 2017 and has since been rolled out to the rest of the world. The new API if focussed on the immediacy of today’s world where people (and businesses) are focussed on the here and now.

How does Google Events work?

The feature only works on mobile devices and produces an event listing instead of a usual Google results page with SERPS. Events display for search terms such as ‘events near me’, ‘events this weekend’ and more loose terms such as ‘music concerts’ which produce a listing of events based on relevancy, date and your location.

It’s not just a feature that targets users, it can also benefit businesses. Whether your company is holding a one-off occasion or your business is events, you can get more people to see it, whether it’s a party, concert, workshop, exhibition or festival; all the information can now be seen through Google search.

Google has partnered with some of the major event websites, including Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, LiveNation and more, so if your event is listed on any of these websites, it could show up on the Google search feature and reach a wider audience. If it’s a one-off and you don’t use event websites, you can still get your event to feature in the API through Google’s Schema markup. Simply enter all the details Google needs with a unique URL and your event can be found through the event search feature.

Event Marketing with MonkeyFish

As well as using Google’s innovative new feature, there are plenty of digital and traditional marketing techniques MonkeyFish can offer that will help you gain maximum publicity for your business. From posters to paid advertising and ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), MonkeyFish can help you reach your audience and exceed your goals! Find out more information about the internet marketing services we provide.

For more information on event marketing for your business or any other marketing services you require, print or digital, you can contact our marketing experts online or alternatively call us on 01282 504730!

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