The difference between good and bad SEO content

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to any effective internet marketing strategy with SEO techniques usually falling into two categories, ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’. Black hat SEO used to be successful but changes to Google’s algorithm have reduced the effectiveness of these unethical techniques.

Black hat vs White hat SEO

Comment spam, buying links, irrelevant and duplicate content and keyword stuffing were all used in the early days of online marketing to help low-quality pages to rank well on Google. It used to be that the more a page was optimised, the better it would rank on search engines. However, in 2017 Google prioritises user experience and valuable content when choosing the sites to place at the top of page one. If Google’s algorithms decide your website has been using black hat SEO techniques, they will punish you. This results in the loss of your current ranking position, a serious dip in organic traffic and fewer online sales. White hat SEO, on the other hand, features ethical online marketing techniques that help websites to rank well on search engines. These can include valuable and engaging content that users want to read, as well as including Schema on-site and launching Google AMP. MonkeyFish Marketing can help you to understand these techniques and create an ethical white hat marketing campaign. MonkeyFish work with you to boost your organic rankings and increase relevant traffic on your site. Our ethical SEO services result in outstanding marketing results through compelling and conversational content, an intelligent linking strategy and an emphasis on conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Ensuring your website utilises white hat SEO strategies, rather than black hat alternatives, can be the difference between a successful online business. Speak to our experts today for a free website health check and to understand the importance of good SEO content.

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