Meet Compliance Obligations with SMARTCALL Phone Recording Solutions

Meet Compliance Obligations with SMARTCALL Phone Recording Solutions

As a busy and thriving business, MonkeyFish Marketing understand the need for call recording solutions for organisations that deal with clients over the phone. When taking requests and details over the phone, accuracy is of paramount importance. Phone recording solutions mean that phone calls can be reviewed leaving no room for error. Our client, SMARTCALL provide phone recording solutions that are robust, reliable and future proof.

Tried and Tested for Over 10 Years

Phone recording solutions from SMARTCALL present a number of benefits in the business environment and SMARTCALL call screcording solutions have been doing so for over 10 years. With clients in the United Kingdom, USA, Europe and Africa, SMARTCALL receive worldwide acclaim.

From simple to sophisticated, for smalls and large businesses, call recording equipment from SMARTCALL is designed to suit your organisations individual needs and can includes features that allows easy compliance with relevant legislations from the FSA and PCI DSS. This makes SMARTCALL VOIP call recording solutions suitable in supporting business within the Financial, Banking and Insurance industry.

The SMARTCALL OneView interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. This means that no advanced technical skill or training is required. Once recorded the files are 256 bit encrypted and are tamper proof. This means that the recordings are securely stored and an administrator can apply user permissions to ensure only the relevant persons can access the recordings. Search and playback is easily achieved and this is audited.

Working Together

We provide internet marketing solutions to SMARTCALL to enhance their online presence and boost their search engine rankings. If you are interested in the expert online marketing strategies that we provide and would like to find out more about what we can do for your business you can contact the MonkeyFish Marketing team on 0845 163 7688.

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