MonkeyFish Marketing team

Meet the MonkeyfishMarketing team!

Monkeyfish thought you may like to meet some of the people who create your websites, optimise your pages and keywords, do all those complex technical things and those who write the content for your pages and blogs, not forgetting our directors and founders, and the account management team. We at monkeyfish work hard because we like to see the difference we make and see achievement after achievement, this why we put all of our effort into creating the perfect ourtcome and results for you!


Monkeyfish are SEO specialists and we take pride in our niche talent, using organic techniques to make sure you dont lose out! Clever Internet marketing company is just one many ways MonkeyfishMarketing is described by their clients. Internet marketing companies vary, from those who will use every “black technique” in the book, to those who use the best techniques but are highly over-priced and over-rated. We have strived to be different, in using only natural and organic methods as well as being an affordable service for almost any budget. so for all of you Internet,Online and Website Marketing needs; give MonkeyfishMarketing a call and save yourself, time, money and worries.

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Meet the MonkeyfishMarketing team!