A Very 'Merry' Christmas

A Very 'Merry' Christmas

Some are hectic, some are peaceful, some include all the family at home, and others choose to do it abroad. Christmas is different for everyone and traditions can vary. What we all have in common is having to endure many Christmas faux paux and cringe worthy moments fuelled by excessive Christmas cheer, and beer in many cases. Combine this with being in close proximity of family members and work colleagues. The online marketing team at MonkeyFish Marketing take a look at some of the most common scenarios and situations that can leave people red faced, and we’re not talking because of the cold weather.  

B346B457224F645FCB4128C0A58C_h400_w314_m2_bblack_q99_p99_ceihTvLICThe Obligatory Garish Christmas Jumper

Okay so this one might not deserve a spot on our list due to the rise in popularity that Christmas jumper seems to be experiencing at the moment but many still remember the feeling of dread when grandma hands over that spongy present.

fFamily Feuds

We’re not talking about the big ones here; it’s the little ones that belong on our list. ‘She’s got more Yorkshire puddings’ ‘He cheated pulling that cracker’ and ‘If anyone wins the scissors, they’re mine!’ Sound familiar? Then it’s likely you’re part of what is considered an ‘average’ British family.

UntitledThe Drunk

Let’s face it, there’s always one and if there isn’t then you’re probably it! Someone always over does it on the Sherry and winds up upsetting someone at Christmas and their excuse? ‘It’s Christmas for crying out loud!’ This can sometimes lead to number 2 on our list.


UntitledTerrible Festive TV

Okay so some of us love what’s on at Christmas but there’s only so many times we can endure The Snowman and it’s a Wonderful Life. Give us Nightmare Before Christmas any day of the year




Disappointing Gifts

A lot of life lessons are learnt at the most unlikely of times, Christmas being one of them. From a young age we learn how to plaster on a smile and be grateful for that awful Christmas jumper (again!) featuring a reindeer that looks like it’s been in a collision with a snow plough. Just make sure you aren't the terrible gift giver! MFM work closely with The Great Gift Hamper Company to provide a fantastic range of christmas gift boxes and hampers. Bound to delight rather than dissapoint, start your festive shopping in the Christmas Hamper collection.


UntitledCliff Richard

Every. Year. Without. Fail!


 We Love it All Really!

The list is endless. These are just a few that stand out to us most and although we say they make us cringe and we only tolerate them, the truth is we love them really! It’s Christmas! What’s not to love? So from the online marketing team at MonkeyFish Marketing (and Cliff) we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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