MFM ahead of the curve with Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Here at MonkeyFish Marketing, our team take great pride in always remaining ahead of the curve regarding the very latest internet marketing developments. And this has again been exemplified by our reaction to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), introduced to vastly improve the performance of the mobile web. The online marketplace has been revolutionized by smartphones and tablets, which utilise the mobile web to reach users. However, the consumer experience has often been less than satisfactory, with pages taking a while to load and users exiting sessions as a result. As an internet marketing company that fully understands the ever increasing importance of mobile, MonkeyFish Marketing are understandably delighted to embrace the advent of Google AMP.


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Embracing Google AMP with our Internet Marketing Services

The overall goal of Google AMP is to dramatically enhance the performance of the mobile web, delivering instant loading times for pages featuring quality content such as video, animation, text and graphics alongside smart ads. It is also intended that the same code works across multiple platforms and devices so that content appears instantaneously no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile device is being used. Our online marketing experts have been hard at work identifying areas of client sites that can be effectively and ethically populated with rich content like social plug-ins, videos and image carousels, whilst also analysing the popularity and engagement levels of such pages. Moving forwards, this will help us deliver the most effective online mobile platforms possible for clients, with regards to lead generation and conversions.

Choose us for Online Marketing with Google AMP

To enjoy the benefits of online marketing with Google AMP, get in touch with the MonkeyFish Marketing team, who can help deliver the most effective mobile platform possible for your business. Give us a call on 01282 504730, or request a free expert website health check.

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MFM ahead of the curve with Accelerated Mobile Pages Project