MFM's Guide to boosting your Mobile Conversions

In light of mobile's rapidly increasing integrity to businesses' online marketing potential, especially during the heaving online shopping season, you should ensure that your company is operating in the best way possible to boost your mobile conversions. Thankfully, MFM have compiled a short guide to help you do just that, showcasing our expertise of bespoke marketing strategies in an ever evolving internet marketing landscape whilst helping to bolster the revenue of clients old, new and prospective.

Bespoke Mobile Marketing Strategies

Despite mobile accounting for more than half of all e-commerce site traffic, its use still results in the production of the lowest conversion rates. Indeed, a recent study showed that of the 54% of people to shop on a mobile device before purchasing, 45% went on to buy their product in-store. An initial means to combat such consumer behaviour is through the implementation of cross-device targeting, which in turn eliminates the prospect of needless advertising overlaps across different platforms. Furthermore, you will gain a better insight into your customers' overall engagement with your site across its various forms, whether that may be desktop, mobile browser or in-app. Another bespoke mobile marketing strategy to take advantage of is the use of push notifications, or SMS text messaging if you are without an app. Strategically delivered, the short messages should consist of unique engaging content, often inclusive of special offers, promotions or notable news emanating from your business. 54% of users to open a notification typically convert.

Local Mobile Optimisation

And with local mobile optimisation resulting in even more impressive conversion statistics, businesses cannot afford to underestimate its importance when attempting to enhance their mobile sales. Over half of all mobile searches feature local terms, as people look to find the nearest specific stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas and whatever else they may require to their location. Research indicates that 61% of these searches end in a conversion one way or another, proving just how valuable local mobile optimisation can be to your business. Finally, a short, clear call-to-action is advisable along with the presence of simple contact forms, and easy payment options if your budget allows for it. The inception of Apple Pay is the latest sign of mobile payment functionality preparing to boom in terms of popularity, and if you are in a position to embrace such pay mechanisms, you will be rewarded with higher conversion rates moving forward.

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