Mobile First for Online Marketing

We are well past the stage of mobile websites being an option. But consider the fact that more people on the planet own a smartphone than a toothbrush (that’s around 4 billion people) and it becomes pretty clear that mobile isn’t just an essential – it should be the first consideration for your online marketing strategies.

What Makes the Mobile Experience?

Your customers are mobile and you should be too. This includes everything from providing a seamless mobile to desktop experience (and vice versa) to utilising location data and marketing to engage with your customers when they are close to your premises. The major focus of designing your website for mobile is how the content will be displayed. Messages need to be clear, customer paths must be laid out simply and pages should take into account how much scrolling will be involved for customers to reach the call to action. If your website is clear, easy to use on a small screen and optimised for local, you’ve pretty much cracked it. Going mobile goes beyond delivering an outstanding customer experience. As well as making it easier for users to buy online, consumers are almost twice as likely to click and share content on social networks on a mobile device over desktop – so it’s great news for your social strategies too.

Go Mobile with MonkeyFish

The MonkeyFish Marketing team is here to help your business improve online presence, increase reach and grow conversion rates. Challenge our technical team to create a mobile website for your business and our marketing team to increase your conversion rates online. Call our online marketing team today on 01282 504730.

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