Mobile is a Key Converter for Online Marketing Leads

Generally speaking, a call is a better lead than a click. For someone to make the effort to call your business means they are definitely interested in what you’re offering, while a click can merely be to register a vague interest. This general rule of thumb has recently been proven in new Call Intelligence Index by Invoca, which after analysing data from over 32 million calls to businesses over 40 industries, has shown that calls have a 30 to 50 percent conversion rate, while clicks represent just one to two percent. Over half of all calls to businesses were determined to have originated from mobile marketing such as mobile ads, while mobile search alone was responsible for 45 percent of calls. Delving deeper into the data, it was revealed that around 75 percent of calls to businesses originated from mobile phones. The bottom line here is that your website must made as easy to use as possible for mobile users or you risk missing out on a vast chunk of website traffic and more importantly – leads and sales.

How to Optimise Your Marketing Strategy for Mobile Conversions

First of all your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive to different screen sizes. Google is already rewarding mobile friendly sites in its mobile search results and Bing is set to follow suit (no doubt followed by others) so it really is essential for your website to be mobile responsive if you want to enjoy higher lead conversions. Be present on social media platforms and ensure you have a Google Business Places listing, which will list your phone number in Local places when someone nearby searches. You can also add your phone number to Google’s Knowledge Panel so it will be displayed when someone directly searches for your company’s phone number. Call tracking is a great way to monitor the individual paths of site visitors that actually called your site. By assigning a unique number to each visitor, you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your pages and the messages they contain.

Increasing Lead Conversions

Increasing leads is a common business goal but unless you’re armed with the knowledge, skills and time to fully manage your website and make improvements when necessary, it can be a difficult goal to achieve.  That’s why many companies choose to enlist the help of an expert internet marketing company like MonkeyFish Marketing to help – and if you want to see real examples of the tangible results we’ve delivered for some of our clients, check out our scrapbook! If you would like to know more about how our online marketing services can benefit your business, book a free website health check or call one of our specialist team on 01282 504730.

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