MonkeyFish Marketing Embrace Facebook

MonkeyFish Watch Social Media Giant Facebook Grow

Though MonkeyFish Marketing have already established themselves on social networking site Facebook it has become apparent that this social media phenomenon is here to stay.

Over 400 million people are actively using Facebook and we at MonkeyFish think it would be very foolish of our clients not to become a part of it! By creating Facebook fan pages and groups, our clients can increase traffic to their website, increase their Google rankings and create brand awareness.

Interacting in a relaxed manner, Facebook  is a way for a business to become less formal and actually communicate with their target audience. It is essential for the public to see a company as a group of people and not a faceless brand therefore creating trust and a relationship between the business and the customer. Facebook allows you to carry out these things by answering questions, informing people of special offers and general information about the company.

Facebook allows the business to post an unlimited number of pictures. It doesn't limit you to only show certain products like many other websites. Once a businesses Facebook page has a number of fans any 'updates' will appear on their news feed meaning they can continue to stay fresh in the customers minds without annoying them with other cold marketing tactics.

MonkeyFish Marketing know our way around a Facebook page, applying the latest applications and keeping your page up to date we can help you tap into the 400 billion people market!

The MonkeyFish Team

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