MonkeyFish Marketing Makes the Most of WordPress 4.5!

MonkeyFish Marketing uses the best internet marketing techniques for our clients, and parts of these include the use of efficient Content Management Systems (CMS). MonkeyFish uses many different CMS, but the most commonly used is WordPress. Like any technology, it constantly rolls out updates to improve its user friendly features.

Responsive Web Design by MonkeyFish Marketing

A big improvement in the latest update is the introduction of the ability to view a page as different devices, so our web development team can easily check what pages, posts and templates will look like across all devices before hitting the all-important ‘publish’ button. It’s simple ingenuity’s like these that improve the ability to create responsive web design across different devices. Most companies now opt for responsive web design as it stops websites loading in a clunky fashion with numerous scroll bars and tiny text across a mobile screen. MonkeyFish Marketing always highlights how important it is for our clients to use responsive web design to improve the user journey. An easy to use website will generate more business than a site that doesn’t load and isn’t visually easy to view. The latest update of WordPress also includes other little quirks that make content processes quicker, allowing easier implementation of clever SEO strategies. With the inclusion of new formatting shortcuts, editing text, inserting links and typing code has been made even easier. The new version also compresses uploaded images more than previous versions, creating faster loading times for intermediate sized pictures.

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The web development team will be making the most of these new features on our clients WordPress sites, and they can do the same for you. For more information on how to get web responsive designs for your website, or implement clever internet marketing techniques, get in touch with our expert team on 01282 504730 or request a free online health check to see what MFM can do for your business.

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