MonkeyFish Recommend Google Base!

Google Base is a tool developed by Google that allows you to submit online and offline content that is picked up by Google spiders!

This excellent service brings FREE traffic to your website, helps your website appear on Page One of Google above the organic listings and allows you to chat about merchant centres.

Google Base allows you to post 'attritbutes' describing your content allowing people searching for your product or service to find you easier! The best thing about Google Base is that they reward you, the more popular your individual 'attributes' become Google will recommend them when other people post the same items. As well as this, once your product/service becomes more popular Google will then suggest your product/service in the 'suggested items' section.

MonkeyFish Marketing use Google Base for all our clients, it is a fantastic service that greatly helps page rankings! MonkeyFish's client PearlTech LTD is great example of Google Base being used to its full potential.

Pearltech Ltd sells high quality laptop motherboards including brands such as HD Compact and Sony. Google Base has given Pearltech Ltd a platform where they can display their products and services in one place, creating strong attributes that allows potential customers to find them easier in Google.

Google Base gives the user the option to track what traffic is being directed to their website from Google Base, allowing them to see the excellent results Google Base achieves. Google Base can also target specific countries, if you have a product that is available to the UK only then you can use the 'target country' option and only will appear on Google Base UK. Google Base use the same concept for all countries allowing you to narrow down your target audience.

As mentioned above Google Base can track what traffic has been diverted to your site through Google Base, it also allows you to track impressions (the number of times your item has appeared in search results) and clicks (the number of times someone has clicked on your item in a list of search results).

If you would like to know how Google Base can help your company then please contact one of our fully trained team members on 01282 504730...

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