The MonkeyFish Team Look at the Year in Facebook

The MonkeyFish Team Look at the Year in Facebook 

2013 has been an eventful year to say the least. There’s been the birth of the Royal baby, the election of a new Pope, natural disasters and celebrity gossip – but despite all that many people have carried on life as normal. Facebook has scanned the personal pages of all its users and have compiled a Review of 2013 with the top ten topics people were talking about, the top life events and much more. The data shows about 1/7th of the world’s activity and thoughts, and we’re bringing you the results.

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Given that the general idea is that the world is full of doom and gloom, it’s nice to see that the number one life event of the global community is the start of a new relationship, an engagement or a marriage. Travelling falls in at second, while welcoming a new addition to the family is at number six. The most talked about topics on Facebook over 2013 were:

  1. royal babyPope Francis
  2. Election (this accounts for many elections across the world as each language was translated)
  3. The Royal Baby
  4. Typhoon
  5. Margaret Thatcher
  6. Harlem Shake
  7. Miley Cyrus
  8. Boston Marathon
  9. Tour de France
  10. Nelson Mandela

This list is globally, and it shows an interesting mix of newsworthy stories, celebrities (who's surprised to see Miley Cyrus up there?) and major events. The list for the UK shows that Britons have a different train of thought! Here are the top ten topics us Brits talked about on Facebook this year:

  1. Andy Murray
  2. Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher
  3. UEFA Champions League Final
  4. Prince George
  5. Sir Alex Ferguson
  6. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  7. England retaining the Ashes in cricket
  8. X Factor
  9. The Bedroom Tax
  10. Grand Theft Auto 5

Brits Love Football, Computer Games and Entertainment...

Andy Murray To be honest, we’re surprised the weather isn’t on there too! It’s no surprise that the UEFA Champions League Final and Sir Alex Ferguson have made the list, and gamers everywhere will no doubt understand why Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty have made the list! Overall though, the top UK topics are generally focussed on our own little island – who says we’re not patriotic?! Check out the rest of Facebook’s 2013 Year Review here.

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