Motivational Quotes for a Mid Week Lift!

We all need them, pick me ups, pep talks whatever you call them, certain words can lift your motivation and your mood! Here are a few favourite quotes from Internet Marketing Company, MonkeyFish Marketing Office that are apt for boosting your moral or bringing you back to reality: 'This is it! There are no rehearsals or preparations. Your life is on and running.' 'There is no way that you can get everything you want. You must satisfy some of your needs, but you will always feel some dissatisfaction.' 'You cannot completely control or own anything, particularly people. Everything is temporary and everything changes. Get used to change' 'Nobody is stronger or weaker than anybody else. We are all made up of a collection of strengths and weaknesses.' 'All important decisions are made on the basis of limited information. Everything has an element of risk.' 'You are responsible for everything that you do. All excuses are unacceptable.' 'We all make mistakes; we are all selfish, cheating, vain, greedy and tell lies. We are all human. Nobody is perfect. Learn to forgive yourself and accept your humanness.' 'We are all free to do whatever we like; all we have to do is face the consequences.' 'The world is not always just or fair. Being good offers no guarantee of a happy outcome.' and one of our personal favourites 'If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed'

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