My work experience at MonkeyFish Marketing

Declan came to work at MonkeyFish Marketing for two weeks, and after one week he has given us an account of what he has learnt and what he thinks of working at an online marketing company. Read Declan’s account below.


Work experience at a digital marketing agency


I couldn’t have picked a better and more welcoming place to do work experience. There isn’t one member of staff who didn’t help me, from the simplest to the hardest tasks at hand. Everyone works hard so everything is to perfection and you can really see that they care about every customer. Plus, they all work as team when needed so every task gets done.


 I thought I would be making cups of coffee and going to the shops before I came but they got me helping with some of the marketing and design work. I’ve learnt some amazing skills that will surely help me with future jobs. One of these skills is how to write and structure articles for websites. Another amazing skill I have learnt is how to use an Apple Mac to do design work.


I found it really hard to use at the beginning but thanks to the team in design, I picked up how to use it soon after. MonkeyFish Marketing has help me have an idea on what I want to do once I leave school and I have to thank them a lot for that.


Overall experience at MF


I only have one negative and that is that I only got to stay for two weeks because I have really enjoyed it here. There’s nothing I can complain about because it’s such a well-run business with fantastic employees in all departments. They all made sure I was alright and doing my job properly.


I’ve really enjoyed all my time here despite working till 9-5, but it was worth getting the whole experience of working at an online marketing company. They’ve given me the best possible glimpse into what work will be like once I leave school, what to expect and what others will expect from me.

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My work experience at MonkeyFish Marketing