New Facebook Timeline The Saviour Of Social Media Marketing?

It only feels like yesterday since Facebook’s new ‘Timeline’ was made mandatory for its users, but the social media giant has now confirmed that it has been quietly testing a brand new Timeline design. Thus far the changes are limited to the very top of the Timeline, and as opposed to the current design (which can be seen above), the newer offering is set to look like this… User details have been proposed to appear in reverse type over the cover photo, whilst the images that slot alongside the friends, photos, places and likes categories have been compressed into thumbnails.

Indeed, it seems that this more streamlined design could actually work to the advantage of any business involved in Facebook Marketing. The discreet thumbnails and less white space allow the Timeline to take center stage, and could work to attract followers’ eyes back to the all important business information. Other changes include the metamorphosis of ‘Likes’ into ‘Favourites,’ a move that - for businesses especially - rings much more professionally, as if these pages have been carefully selected on the grounds of relevance and beneficial services. There has also been talk of this working well in Internet Marketing circles, allowing users browsing their friends’ profiles to view these ‘Favourites’ as mature content that’s worth following, as opposed to pages of ‘Likes’ that consist of fan pages dedicated to smiling owls. What we at Monkeyfish Marketing are really excited about however, is the addition of the ‘Summary’ section. Positioned in pride of place at the top of the Timeline, it gathers together the most important ‘Life Events’ that have happened while you’ve been a Facebook member. This is set to be a fantastic way for companies to garner more ‘Likes’ and interaction, as it provides the perfect place to advertise any big news, events and, most importantly of all, competitions that could otherwise get lost amongst their Timeline updates. However, this bold design move hasn’t come without its fair share of criticism.

Although the elevated position of the now white user details does make them appear more prominent, what will happen when they come up against a light or white coloured cover photo? Will users possess the control to change the font colour and prevent these precious lines of text from getting lost in the image? Or will the disappearance of images beneath the cover photo make businesses appear just like any other severe, straight-laced brand? Most importantly of all though, will the continuous changes to Facebook profiles end up scaring away the valuable followers that businesses taking advantage of Social Media Marketing need?

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