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Our online marketing team share some great tips

Any business that has or wants to launch a website to help sell products and services online has to know what SEO is. Standing for Search Engine Optimisation, it is the process of improving a website’s visibility for search engines such as Google to recognise. With the right SEO techniques, websites can get to the first page of Google and, as an online marketing company; we have collected some great tips to help you along the way. Keywords – The prominent way in which websites are recognised by search engines, keywords should be used throughout a website’s content, whether it’s on tabs, pages or blogs. It works best when you use keywords which relate to what you’re selling so, for example, if you’re a haulage company based in Aberdeen, a great key word to use would be ‘Haulage in Aberdeen’. Meta descriptions – Like a shop window, meta descriptions are there to give you an idea of what’s inside, a way to entice the reader to click into the site. They should tell the reader what the page is about, using the key word of the page in the text and use no more than 160 characters. It should be snappy, to the point and make the reader want to know more – a technique we, as an online marketing company, know how to execute effectively. Reduce bounce rate – Every webmaster’s dream is to reduce their site’s bounce rate to as low as possible, meaning people spend more time on the site when they visit. Some great ways to reduce bounce rates are to use an attractive template and design to engage the user. Another is to not load your site with ads and pop-ups, making sure it loads quickly and perhaps the most important part, to make sure it has unique, quality content! If you want to know more about the services, including social media and SEO, that we offer as an online marketing company, contact us today and let our team of experts look after your business!

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