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We all know the feeling: sitting back to turn your Eureka moment into a fantastic blog post only to find that you can’t bring the idea to life. But don’t fret; our online marketing team are here to teach you how to rise from the ashes of discarded blogs! Firstly, ensure that your headline grabs the attention of readers - it is the first thing they see after all! Instead of trying to dress it up with fancy adjectives, puns and elaborations, simply get straight to the point and tell your readers the truth.

Then comes the all important opening. Again, the key here is to get visitors well and truly hooked on your content, a move that, strange as it may seem, requires a disproportionate amount of work to the rest of your post. Your opening should illustrate a problem your reader is experiencing (leaving them wanting to find out how they can solve it) or include the classic who, what, where, when and why of a news story opening paragraph. But blog openings aren’t completely about text; images play an equally important role in encouraging readers to stay on your webpage for the duration of a post.

Research has found that, in general, sentences that stretch far across the page discourage visitors from reading a whole blog, which is where your image should come in. Align it to the left or right of your opening to create the illusion of shorter text, increasing the likelihood of people reading through the rest of your post. Once you have grabbed your readership’s attention with your opening gambit, it is time to formulate a plan for the remainder of your article.

If you are using subheadings, they should again make a promise to the reader backed up by a body of text that validates your points with graphs, statistics, infographics and even step-by-step or how-to guides, depending on what you are writing about. However, all of these handy hints would be useless without the employment of relevant calls to action. After investing so much time into your writing, forgetting to incorporate the correct call to action risks leaving your efforts unrewarded. Employ this final flourish at the end of your post to avoid intimidating readers, using it in the form of a question that encourages comments, an email subscription opt-in box or a relevant product for sale to garner the most customer engagement. Would you like to learn more about how our online marketing team can help you make the most out of your blog? Call 01282 504 730 today!

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