Pair Online Marketing With Offline Marketing To Increase Site Traffic.

Using an online marketing service might be the most effective way to gather a wider following and increase the traffic to your website, but have you considered pairing it with more traditional methods of marketing? Most modern correspondence might be carried out through the use of email, but you shouldn’t discount the value of utilising stationary, business cards and company literature either. Make sure that your website’s URL is printed clearly on each one to bring your page to the attention of those who would otherwise have struggled to find it.

Then there are older forms of media to consider – don’t discontinue your printed advertisements just because the internet has come along. If they’re bringing in success then add your website’s URL and use them alongside your online marketing campaign or internet marketing service to provide even more coverage. Try exhibiting your services in targeted adverts placed in trade magazines, classifieds, newspapers and even the good old fashioned Yellow pages, and don’t forget to capture your readers’ attention with exciting, snappy information. Like online marketing, older forms of advertisement often benefit from announcing the hand out of a free service. Consumers often ignore “Visit our website to find out more” calls to action, instead preferring something exciting that offers them a little something in return.

Although more expensive than straight forward printed advertising, it more often than not pays for itself by increasing traffic to your site and increasing sales. However, remember to keep these free services relevant to your business by, for example, offering a free trial of your newest electric whisk if you are a home and lifestyle company rather than a trip to a spa. The benefits of traditional advertising are hard to ignore, and as well as being more targeted, more effective and less expensive than online marketing, can work together with it to increase your website’s traffic tenfold.

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