Our Online Marketing Team Investigate Social Media Sins.

Have you heard of the 7 deadly social media sins? Our online marketing team investigate…

So you’ve set up your social media page, you’ve started gathering a fan base and decided how often you will post updates, but are you posting the right thing? Or committing one of the seven deadly social media sins outlined below? 1. Lusting to sell more to fans. If your social media updates are strictly sales, then it becomes evident to consumers that you are lusting after their hard earned money. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter weren’t created for online marketing but as a platform for informal interaction, so trade in strong sales tactics for updates that also entertain, inform and engage your followers. 2. Being gluttonous with information. In a world where information is readily available, customers don’t want to work to collect interaction on your pages. Instead of being gluttonous with your information let marketing tricks take a back seat for a while and interact with your followers, comment on posts and the likes and shares will take care of themselves. After all, “give and you shall receive” as they say! 3. Harbouring a greedy attitude about your brand. The most successful social media businesses are the ones that shine the spotlight on the people who run their platforms. Consumers will find it much easier to identify with Fred the copywriter than a stationary company, so don’t be afraid to show your human side and let your company’s personality shine through. 4. Letting your posting plan move at the speed of a sloth. Social media posts that appear at the speed of light fare much better than those that move at the speed of a sloth! Even if it's something as small as a development in a new product, updates need to appear every day to avoid getting lost amongst your followers’s other posts and to keep reminding potential customers that you are there. 5. Unleashing the wrath of the business expert. Whether you are an expert in your field or not,  take a humble approach to social media marketing and avoid coming across as overtly negative in posts and responses to angry comments. Social media updates are there for the whole internet to see, so remain cordial, settle disputes by email and let everyone know just how great your customer service is by offering incentives to unsatisfied clients. 6. Letting the green eyed monster of envy turn you into a mimic. When you see that a competitor’s strategy is working wonders for their business, it can be all too tempting to copy the more successful elements of their campaign. Take a minute to consider if what they're doing will actually work for your brand or whether it will drive existing fans away, before using market research and existing data to work out what your followers want to see. 7. Becoming too proud to ask for help. Your social media fans are following your page because they are loyal to your brand, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help! Ask them what they like about your page and what they don’t, how they would like to see it improved and what they would like to read in your updates. After all, without these loyal fans your business would be just another company. Monkeyfish Marketing are one of the fastest growing SEO marketing companies UK, specialising in ethical search engine optimisation and social media marketing strategies that will make your fledgling business grow. Would you like to know more about what we do? Contact our online marketing team using the buttons below or call 01282 504 730.

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