Should Online Marketing Companies Use Google+?

Is Google+ an effective tool for online marketing companies?

You will have no doubt seen the latest adverts for Google's social media platform, Google+ appearing on your TV screens over the past few weeks. With a real push on advertising and plenty of publicity, the site is really stepping up its presence amidst fierce competition from rivals such as Facebook and Twitter. But is it worth the time and effort and how can online marketing companies make the most of its features? One of the major advantages of Google+ is the ability to create 'circles' of contacts. Whether you want to separate your family from your friends or your blue-chip clients from your business setups, it is a useful feature for any user and a great way of sharing content pre-determined by the content of each circle. Consider it a marketing tool. In the same way you would create 'target' markets for a campaign based on age, gender, occupation, etc, Google+ allows you to choose what you share and who you share it with. A great way for online marketing companies to promote their services to different clients or potential new customers, it is definitely worth a fair amount of consideration. Launched in 2011 and currently boasting over 170million users, it is still a relatively new platform that has not yet shown its true potential. When compared with competitors such as Facebook and Twitter, its features, although unfamiliar in the Google+ context are relatively standard. You can chat with friends, share links and photo's and keep up to date with your contacts via a combined news feed. The navigation takes a while to get used to but with any new social media platform - you will get the hang of it! Our verdict? For online marketing companies who have the time to create circles and maintain them, it's a fantastic marketing tool. Why not give it a go?

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