Online Marketing Team Examine Google Glass.

A pair of Google glasses? Our online marketing team investigate!

We thought we’d take a break from online marketing tips today to bring you some exciting news from our online marketing team’s favourite search engine provider, Google – they are releasing a pair of glasses that project data onto the wearers field of vision!  Your ears aren’t deceiving you, Google’s latest innovation ‘Google Glass’ is expected to be widely available as soon as 2014, with an early prototype winging it’s way to those who eagerly pre-ordered it next year. They might sound like something from a science-fiction film, but the glasses aim to provide seamless technology to those sick of carrying around a multitude of gadgets and can’t risk a piece of their essential kit breaking – a must for businesses keeping an eye on their online marketing campaign! The glasses manage this by acting like a wearable smartphone, allowing the user to take pictures, send messages and perform other basic functions via voice-activated commands like “Okay, Glass,” which brings a menu that displays picture, recording, video, Google maps and even phone calling icons into your line of vision. We know, we wish we could try them out too! But thankfully, Spencer E. Ante of the Wall Street Journal earned a privileged sneak peek that gave us a taste of things to come… “Weighing only a few ounces, the device fit well,” he told Google. “It was easy to snap a picture or video without taking my smartphone out of my pocket, and cool to see the information there in front of my right eye, though a little disorienting at first.” Although costing a steep $1,500 (around £930), Google Glass’s promise of seamless access to your digital world without disrupting your real one looks set to revolutionise communication as we know it, and provide a straight forward way of quickly accessing elements of your online marketing campaign without paying so much attention to your smartphone that you bump into a lamp post! Will you be shelling out? Monkeyfish Marketing are a clever online marketing company who specialise in a wide range of organic SEO techniques. Would you like more information about growing your business, or just need some online marketing tips? Call our experts on 01282 504 730.

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