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Signed your business up for Google+ but not sure how to make it a successful part of your online marketing campaign? Here are our top tips for creating a better and more successful Google+ brand page. 1 - Know where to find it The first tip may seem simple but many people abandon their online marketing venture if they can't get to grips quickly with the site navigation. When setting up a Google+ page for your business, you create your company profile through your existing Google+ account. This sounds simple but when it comes to separating your personal life from your professional page, it can be a little confusing. To find your business page, click on the drop down menu next to your name and avatar (profile picture) and select your brand page to switch Google+ from your personal profile to your company profile. A little bit like a game of hide and seek, knowing where to find those all important buttons is your first step to creating a better Google+ page for your online marketing campaign. 2 - Check your circles To stop brands imposing on Google+ users, it is up to them to add you to one of their circles. In any social media venture, the key to successful online marketing is spreading your brand message to as many people as possible and that is why it's important to keep on top of your profile and check it on a regular basis. Keeping an eye on who's added you gives you the chance to add them back at the soonest opportunity. To take a look at the people who have added you to their circles, simply click 'view all' under the line of avatars on the right hand side of your screen. You will then be able to separate people you've already made contact with, with those you haven't, et voila! Step 2 complete. 3 - Spread the word Under your profile picture to the left hand side of your page, you will see a button that says 'Get started'. To start spreading the word about your new Google+ page, click it and take note of your profile URL. You can find your profile URL under the heading 'Tell the World'. As with any successful online marketing campaign, letting people know where to find you is essential. Copy and paste this code anywhere people will see, Facebook, your email signature - even your website. 4 - Add useful links Social media is all about sharing, so if you're social in several places - share these with your circles! Your 'About Me' section is the perfect place to post links to your website, your Twitter profile or you Facebook page. A great way to boost your online marketing campaign by pointing new traffic in the right direction. 5 - Use those circles Google created circles for a reason, to separate your followers into groups, or in online marketing terms, target audiences. If you have followers from across the globe, divide them into circles that represent each country and use this to send out targeted messages to each group. For example, for UK customers, send out UK related deals. For US customers, send out exclusive discounts to celebrate American holidays. Creating a better online marketing strategy for your Google+ page is easy once you learn the ropes and figure out how to work its features in your favour. Use our top tips to create a better page for your business and see you social presence soar! Follow MonkeyFish Marketing on Google+
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