Our Online Marketing Team Wish Google Happy Birthday.

Our online marketing team wish Google a very happy birthday!

Google, the world’s biggest internet company and long established online marketing favourite turns fourteen today! Although the official date of Google’s founding has become something of a controversy (many people maintain the company was founded on September the 4th), it has also become synonymous with some of Google’s most brightly coloured, eye-catching and day brightening Doodles, and today’s instalment is no exception! Featuring a Google cake and fourteen candles for you to blow out, it has certainly kept our online marketing team occupied and has inspired articles to spring up all over the internet. But isn’t just their famous Google Doodles that are impressive, Google’s rise to success is also a thing to be marvelled at. Starting life as a search engine just like any other, Google then became a verb and made it’s way into modern language before branching out into email, Google maps, Google Plus and much more. It even owns video sharing giant YouTube, and is currently working on coming to terms with more dominant social networking websites such as Facebook. Then there is it’s huge value to online marketing. Not just our online marketing team’s day brightener, it also plays a crucial part in helping our clients’ websites get noticed and bring in increased sales through the use of cleverly implemented keywords and SEO strategies. And Google doesn’t let businesses spam it with greedy search engine optimisation techniques either, it employs a crack team of clever robots and search quality experts who favour the use of ethical, organic SEO, and who weed out the bad apples trying to unfairly take over page one! Have you been killing time by blowing out candles on the Google cake because you can’t decide which online marketing consultant to choose? Call our online marketing experts on 01282 504 730 and put your mind at ease.


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