Online Marketing Guide: Facebook Features Part 2

Our online marketing guide shows you 5 more cool Facebook features!

Yesterday, our online marketing guide brought you 5 Facebook features you might not have know existed. Today we bring you another 5 to make your Facebook experiences that little bit more exciting! Want to Hide From a Friend on Facebook Chat? We all have them… the friends we’ve added out of courtesy but who we really don’t want to have a chat with. Instead of switching your Facebook chat off entirely you can simply ‘hide’ from certain individuals by following these steps. Open a chat window with the person you’d rather not chat to, click on the cog on the top right of the chat box and select ‘go offline to [name]’ – you’re now hidden and free to chat to the rest of your friends in peace! Pre-approve Tags Fed up of your ‘friends’ tagging you into silly posts? You can now set your Facebook account to request approval before tagging you in any timeline content. Head on over to your ‘privacy settings’, find ‘timeline and tagging’ and select ‘edit settings’. Find ‘review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline’ and ‘reviews tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook’ and set these to ‘on’. Hide Annoying Posts from Your Timeline The posts that appear on your news feed are determined by how popular they are and how much interaction they gain but if you’re fed up of seeing the same post you can always hide it! You can hide posts from certain friends, pages and apps that become annoying by simply hovering over the offending post, clicking on the arrow that will appear and selecting ‘hide story’ or any other option that you deem suitable to rid you of the annoyance! Secret Groups Facebook allows you to create ‘secret’ groups that only you and those you choose to share it with can see! If you’re got a surprise party coming up and don’t want your other half to know, it’s perfect! Head over to the ‘groups’ area on your homepage, select ‘more’ and go to ‘create group’. Once you’ve picked a suitable name, chosen a fun icon and added your friends select the ‘secret’ option. You’ll see the new group in the ‘groups’ area of your homepage – simple click on it to post to your secret posse! Upload High Quality Images Gone are the days of grainy Facebook pictures! Users now have the option to upload their albums as high quality images. When you begin your upload simply check the ‘high quality’ box. Although the wait will be longer, you’ll be happier with the quality of those carefully composed holiday snaps. With plenty of features to keep you going, our online marketing guide is sure to keep you busy on your coffee break! Want to find out more about internet marketing and social media? Keep checking back for our daily blog posts! If you’re interest in working with clever online marketing company, MonkeyFish Marketing, contact us using the buttons below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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