Using Linking Strategies In Online Marketing

Online marketing checklist: linking strategies.

A crucial part of all good online marketing training is the art of implementing a link building strategy. Google takes the number of incoming links to your website as an important indicator of relevance, so more links will help you rank higher in search engines - especially if they come from popular and trusted sites. So take a look at the tips below and get linking till your heart's content! 1. Submit your website to key directories. A link from a directory is an excellent way of getting more traffic to your website and helping to raise your ranking. They are basically like telephone directories, listing sites according to category and subcategory. Yahoo! Directory is a good place to start as it is monitored by humans instead of relying on an automated service. 2. Submit your website to trade organisation sites or specialised directories. If you are looking for targeted clients in a particular industry then specialised directories are the best place to find them. Are you a member of a trade organisation? Don’t be scared to ask for a link from them, even if you have to pay a little – it’ll do wonders for your page ranking! 3. Request reciprocal links. A good – and free - trick of the online marketing trade is to find websites that fit into your general niche and request a reciprocal link. As well as doing a big favour for your website’s traffic, it’ll go a long way in developing a good working relationship with your competitors. However, if you don’t want to be sending your potential new clients back out of your door and into the competition’s, consider developing an out of the way page to place your links to other sites. 4. Write articles for others to use on websites and in newsletters. Not just a great trust builder, providing free articles for relevant businesses’ newsletters is a fantastic tool for increasing your visibility. Ask that a link to your site and a description of the services you offer be included in the article and, over time, you can potentially produce hundreds of links to your site. 5. Write and release news stories. As well as writing about your own company’s news and achievements, include stories about relevant industry news and incorporate your website's URL. These links to your site will remain in online news databases for several months at a time, providing you with lasting reach that will improve not only traffic to your website, but your link popularity too. Do our handy hints have you wanting to know more about this area of online marketing training? Call our experts! 01282 504 730

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