Online Marketing Masterclass: Twitter Basics.

Twitter might now boast half a billion users, but many aren't using the social media website to it’s full potential, especially where small businesses are concerned. So don’t go spending hundreds of pounds on Twitter marketing tools, remind yourself of these free basics and watch your followers flourish.

Tweeting. “Tweeting” is Twitter’s term for posting something, either to your own profile or someone else’s. Just remember that your posts are limited to 140 characters so anything longer will sadly be cut short. Gaining followers and following others. Now you’re up and Tweeting it’s time to craft your following. Only follow those who are relevant to your business, whether they are fellow companies or everyday users who share similar interests and may be interested in your services. Post engaging content and they may even follow you back, but also consider gaining an even wider following by advertising your new Twitter account on your other social networking sites and website. Using the @ feature. No longer just an element of your email address, the @ symbol has been coined by Twitter as a mechanism for referencing another user. Simply type the symbol before their user name, type out your Tweet et voila! The user you are targeting will see the message. A great technique is to use it to thank new followers or those who have “Retweeted” (see below) one of your updates. You can also check who has @’d you by clicking the “@ Connect” button at the top of your Twitter home page. Sending a retweet (RT). Retweeting is one of the most effective Twitter marketing tools that doesn't even cost a penny! To Retweet is to post someone else’s update while crediting them, and will appear like this:

The followers of the user you are Retweeting will see this on their own news feed, thus widening your potential for gathering new followers. So if you see something relevant, don’t hesitate to Retweet it to your own audience using the button that appears when you hover over your chosen update.

Sending a Direct Message (DM). A Direct Message is a private message that can only be read by the recipient, and can only be sent to those who are already following you. Our online marketing experts have found that the best way to utilise them is to DM new followers to say thank you and let them know what kind of services you offer. Shortening URLs. Due to the 140 character limit on Twitter updates, lots of clever URL shortening tools have been developed to stop you using up all of your characters with lengthy web addresses. The most popular shorteners are and

Twitter clients, apps and tools. Due to Twitter’s steady rise in popularity literally hundreds of websites, smart phone applications, desktop clients and scheduling softwares have been developed to make it even easier to update your profile – a godsend for businesses that are using the platform for online marketing. Would you like to know more about utilising Twitter in your online marketing strategy? Use the buttons below to contact our experts!

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