Online Marketing Metrics To Keep Track Of.

The online marketing tools you should be keeping a close eye on.

Online marketing might be constantly evolving and employing new trends, but there are a few basic aspects of this fine art that you and your website marketing company should be keeping a very close eye on.

Firstly, your website’s bounce rate. This represents the number of users who have entered your site only to bounce right back off it again, and it can have a huge impact on your optimisation efforts. Analyse the pages of your site that are receiving the highest bounce rates and develop a strategy for improvement, but don’t discount the ones with a lower rate. Consumers who are staying on these pages are clearly interested in your services, so keep engaging with them!

Then there is the average number of page views you receive per visit. Monitor how deeply into your site your visitors navigate in an effort to gauge how well your website is influencing them, even if you don’t see a conversion right away. One of the likelihoods is that these consumers have shared your content with their friends, generating more leads and possible future conversions! This also feeds into the average cost you are paying per page view. Although it may seem like the important thing is to get as much traffic to your website as possible, it becomes useless if that traffic isn’t actually taking the next step and making a purchase. Focus on optimising your pages to encourage more visitors to convert, then all of that money you are spending on online marketing won't be for nothing.

Customer engagement really is key, and feeds into the “average time spent on site” aspect of your analytics. Naturally, consumers who are excited by your content and products will spend more time browsing your webpage, so make the most of it by combining images, videos, a good spot of web design and well written content. Finally, these will feed into the rate of return of your visitors, one of the most important metrics in measuring customer engagement. Returning customers obviously hold an interest in what you have to offer while giving a great indication of which of your keywords is performing well. Do you need help with monitoring your metrics? Use the buttons below to contact our website marketing company for more details.

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