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MonkeyFish Marketing founder Phillip Monk is thrilled to be hosting an Online Marketing Networking Event at Group First House in Padiham on the 27th March. This exciting event will cover a wide range of online marketing topics that are essential for moving forward in the digital era. Phill will be demonstrating some of the techniques we use to drive success for our clients – so whether you’re a student, local business owner or marketing assistant, this free online marketing seminar is something you really don’t want to miss! The online marketing event will run from 9.30am – 12pm and cover the following topics:

The Importance of Google

The vast majority of people use Google to search so taking advantage of their various products and searches is vital for online marketing success. From Search Engine Optimisation to Pay-Per-Click to other Google products like Google Shopping and Places, this section of the event covers it all and will explain how you can utilise these tools to grow your business online and more importantly – get noticed.

Live Website Audit

Phillip Monk will carry out a live website audit at the networking event to show some of the common mistakes businesses make and how simple changes to your site can have a massive impact on conversions. The audit will also show you how to carry out a competitor analysis and teach you what to look out for when it comes to creating new online marketing campaigns. If you’d like Phill to carry out a live audit of your website, please bring along your Google Analytics and Webmaster access details or you can add as a temporary user on the day.

Improving Sales through Analytics

This 30 minute master-class will show you how reading and understanding the analytical data from your website can help you increase sales and conversion rate to grow your profits.


The final section of the online marketing event will be dedicated to answering any questions you have about the topics discussed and anything else related to online marketing. It’s a great opportunity to pick an internet marketing expert’s brain! The Online Marketing Networking Event is completely free and all are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!  

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