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Online Marketing News: Are Google Setting Up Shop?

With Google dominating almost everything we do online as well as branching out into smart technology, could the search engine giants be about to take a step into the real world? Reports suggest that Google could be about to open up their very own retail outlets. But why? Our online marketing team have the answers… googleThe move is thought to have been triggered by users not being able to physically handle their products. Many consumers like to see what they’re getting and try new gadgets out for themselves before making a purchase – something that competitors such as Apple know all too well. With existing products such as the Chromebook and the launch of groundbreaking Google Glass not too far away, opening up retail outlets will allow Google fans to experience their products first-hand, driving sales and product revenues. All this for a pair of glasses? Google Glass isn’t just your average pair of glasses – they are augmented reality glasses. Google’s first venture into the world of wearable computing, having retail outlets available will no doubt attract major attention from tech-fans wanting to get their hands on the latest offerings. Google Glass is so drastically different from anything we’ve ever used or seen before that the best way for consumers to understand them is to try them for themselves. Google believe that Glass will revolutionise technology so much so that they are willing to launch retail stores to coincide with the launch – a risky move for anyone, especially in times of recession. Google have however already launched pop-up stores across the US at Best Buy locations, a programme that seems to have worked well enough for them to consider running stand alone outlets. Will the stores be a success? We’ll have to wait and see! Keep up to date with all the latest online marketing news by adding our blog to your RSS feed, or to find out more about our online marketing services, feel free to browse our website to see what we have to offer. If you’d like to contact MonkeyFish Marketing directly, use the buttons below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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Online Marketing News: Are Google Setting Up Shop?