Bing Impress Online Marketing Team With Time Lapse Home Page.

Bing impresses our online marketing team with a stunning time lapse video home page.

It is no secret that Google is the search engine of choice for a vast portion of internet users, and it’s clever Google Doodles never cease to keep them – and us! – amused. But now Bing has upped it’s game and started a series of website marketing trends that appear to be their own version of the infamous Doodle… time lapse videos! Normally featuring a different photograph each day, Bing yesterday employed a new move to bring its online content to life by transforming their home page into a gorgeous time-lapse video of the Arizona desert. “We aim to do a few videos on the homepage each month,” says Stephanie Hortsmanshof, senior managing editor at Bing. “We sprinkle them in so it’s meant to be a surprise.” For those users with a HTML-5 browser, the video homepages will have begun entrancing them in September of last year, but it is only now that the time-lapse footage has begun to reach a wider circle of the internet. “We toyed with adding motion to the page for a while, but didn’t want video files to impact page performance,” Hortsmanshof said. “Once we had parameters of what people’s machines could support, my team came in and figured out the motion piece, what types of content it should feature and where the motion should be.” Bing have been working with more than 20 map and stock image/video providers to carefully plan how the homepage will look on each day, using Managing Editor Kristin Bean’s impeccable taste to hand-select each new feature. Some of the most talked about homepages so far have included footage of Hong Kong’s beautiful New Year fireworks, the ever enchanting Northern Lights and a fluttering hummingbird. There’s no denying that this feature heralds a whole new age for Bing, and a whole new wave of fans! Twitter followers have already requested that sound be added to the videos to provide a more complete sensory experience, a feature that the website have revealed they’ll be approaching carefully. So what do you think? Have you fallen in love with Bing’s time-lapse footage or are you a firm Google Doodle advocate? Let us know!
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