Heartwarming Facebook Tale Impresses Online Marketing Team.

Our online marketing team love a heart-warming social media story; remember our blog post about Twitter reuniting a man with his Olympics ticket? Well now Facebook has proven it isn’t just a staple of marketing companies too by helping a distressed owner find his missing Ragdoll cat. When posters and door to door visits didn’t work, James Woodley turned to the power of social media frontrunner Facebook to help reunite him with missing Zion, creating the ‘Missing Ragdoll Cat – Zion’ Facebook page.

“I put out a status update asking my friends to look at the page, like it and share it to try to get some reach outside of my network,” Woodley said. “A handful of people liked it and asked a few questions.” He even bought a series of targeted Facebook ads that directed users of the social networking site towards his new page and, within just thirty minutes, his very first tip off came in. “The girl told me that she thought Zion had been run over because she saw him on the day he went missing in the middle of the road,” said Woodley. “She tried to coach him to the side but he got scared and ran into the woods.” So the search began, and after heading to the woods that the woman described and calling Zion’s name, Woodley, his girlfriend and house mate heard him crying out from a ravine, safe and sound.

Not just another story to cheer up our online marketing team, this tale just goes to show the immense power that Facebook holds for marketing companies. After all, it took Woodley just thirty minutes to find his beloved pet after enforcing a Facebook campaign that was only targeted at one small town. Just imagine the great potential it could hold for your brand’s social media marketing campaign! It’s no wonder it has become one of the main weapons in the arsenals of marketing companies. Would you like to learn more about using social media and Facebook advertising to further your online marketing campaign? Call our experts on 01282 504 730.

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