Online Marketing News: Facebook Deletes Fake Profiles.

Our online marketing team has come across all kinds of surprising social media marketing news on our travels, and this latest instalment in the Facebook saga is no exception – the website is said to be deleting all fake, duplicate and pet accounts.

We must admit, our online marketing team is quite partial to the trend of funny pet profiles, but CNN Tech has revealed that the social media frontrunner wants to rid the website of the 955 million active duplicate and fake accounts that are active monthly users. "On Facebook we have a really large commitment in general to finding and disabling false accounts," says Facebook's chief security officer Joe Sullivan. "Our entire platform is based on people using their real identities." In order to start making a dent in this vast number of false and duplicate profiles, Facebook has started dividing them up into three categories: duplicate accounts, misclassified accounts (for example, pets and companies) and undesirable accounts (like those created for the purpose of spamming). Yes, alarm bells also rang in the heads of our online marketing team when we saw the word ‘companies,’ but only those that have been created as a ‘person’ or ‘group’ instead of a ‘page’ will be deleted, so those using social media marketing can relax. It is, however, a different story for the accounts that have been rumbled as false; Facebook plans to wipe every bit of information associated with the name from public view, and won’t allow the user in question to create another account without their direct permission.

But don’t worry; if you don’t have the heart to let your beloved pet down gently, there is always the option to sign it up for a public figure page! Would you like to learn more about social media marketing or online marketing in general? Contact our team on 0800 228 9090 for friendly and expert advice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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