Online Marketing News: Google Gets Smarter

Online Marketing News: Google rolls out 'Knowledge Graph'

  Search engine giants Google have started to roll our their latest update, the 'Knowledge Graph'. A large portion of Google Search results will now work intuitively to determine what you really meant by the search term you typed in. Any ambiguous queries, such as single word search terms will be met with a new window, appearing on the right side of your search results, displaying a range of options that you may have been searching for. A clever new online marketing development? We think so! Essentially, as Google Fellow Ben Gomes put it, Google is switching from "strings to things". Instead of returning search results based on a string of search terms, results will now appear as 'things', tapping into a range of databases such as Wikipedia, Google Shopping and Google Maps to create a more informative result. As well as helping users to find the right 'thing', Google will also provide summaries for search terms, tapping into the databases mentioned above to create a comprehensive guide to the search subject. For example, a search for Claude Monet would return a brief summary, pictures of himself and his work and related 'things'. The chances are that users searching for Monet, would also be interested in other Impressionist artists, so Google will now show related results such as Sisley or Renoir. Think back to Amazon's 'people who liked this book also bought...' and you're getting the picture! The changes aim to provide users with the information they really need, and seem to be a smart move to modernise the way we use search engines. With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, it makes sense to have an encyclopedic insight into the subjects we're really searching for. As a clever internet marketing company, we look forward to seeing the changes rolled out and we bet we're not the only ones!

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