Online Marketing News: Instagram Expand To The Web?

Online marketing circles have been buzzing this week with the news that Instagram may be making a big move to the World Wide Web! The rumours started after a visitor to the smartphone app’s webpage discovered a new addition to the “Change password” and “Edit profile” buttons… a “View profile” option. However, after clicking on the link the whistleblower was met with a 404 error page, suggesting that Instagram may in-fact be testing a web version of its popular app.

The Monkeyfish team are always suckers for a new social media development, but when we excitedly logged in to check this out for ourselves the button was nowhere to be found, lending further evidence to the view that a test may be in progress. Given Instagram’s popularity – the app now boasts around 50 million mobile users – with big businesses, small businesses and Joe public alike, it comes as no surprise that the company would turn their sparse web space into something much more interactive and user friendly, giving users the opportunity to view larger versions of their beloved snaps and, who knows, maybe even to interact with users in different ways. When you factor in the birth of services such as Instaprints (a site that allows Instagram users to sell their photos) too, it makes even more sense that there be a more comprehensive way to browse and interact on Instagram. Then there is Facebook’s $1 billion dollar purchase to consider; there will come a time very soon when the social media giant will want a return on their investment, and what better way than to roll out a complete Instagram website? But what do you think? Would you prefer the app to remain just that, or give you the opportunity to explore its new avenues online? Let us know!

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