Online Marketing News: New Facebook Feature

Facebook are constantly adding to their ever growing canon of new features, and have recently impressed our online marketing agency by rolling out a ‘save for later’ option, a move that seems to have evolved from their previous update of subscribing to the updates of your friends and favourite brands. Working in a similar way to an internet browser’s ‘favourites’ feature, busy Facebook users will now be able to save their favourite status updates in a private folder called ‘Saved’ for later on. Although not yet widely available, smart phone users can rejoice as rumour has it that the feature will first appear on the social media website’s mobile site and iOS application, before then becoming available to desktop users.

Further tantalising details have been released from Apple news website iMore, who have reported that users will receive their first official notice of the new feature via a Facebook notification stating, “Press and hold on a story to save it for later." As well as providing consumers with a platform to save Facebook updates about a business’ offers, promotions, significant dates and useful news, this new option also raises the question of whether Facebook can begin to challenge services like Flipboard and Instapaper, platforms that allow users to accumulate a number of stories to read when they have more time. Naturally, this move has also extended to photographs, with the social media giant announcing plans to offer users the chance to “Favourite” images, not only being able to see them more prominently themselves but making them appear more prominently in the news feeds of their friends; a move that has great potential to bring picture posting companies to the attention of a wider audience. The bad news is that these exciting new features won’t be hitting international shores just yet, but should roll out from America very soon. Our online marketing team can’t wait! What about you?

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