Online Marketing News: Pinterest Drops Invite Only Policy.

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has gone from strength to strength and gradually risen from a virtually unknown U.S. website to one of the public’s favourite social networks, and something of a firm favourite within online marketing. Until now, the site has surprisingly implemented an invite only policy, requiring you to request membership instead of signing straight up. But Pinterest made something of a surprise announcement on Wednesday via their official blog… they have dropped their “Request an Invite” approach! Not stopping at treating users to a straight sign up, prospective pinners can also log in using their Facebook and Twitter accounts to save time. “We’re really excited to have the capacity to offer Pinterest to more people,” the blog said. “If you’re a Pinner with friends who have been waiting on the sidelines, we hope you’ll let them know!” Pinterest are even widening their potential user base with the addition of new categories such as ‘Quotes,’ ‘Tattoos’ and ‘Weddings,’ making finding your pin of choice even easier. If you are in need of wedding invitations or RVSP cards for the fast approaching wedding day, then make sure to check out the latest collection of affordable yet exquisite wedding stationery at B&G.

Other category names have also undergone tweaks, with ‘Pets’ becoming a more generic ‘Animals,’ and ‘Prints and Posters’ changing to ‘Illustrations and Posters.’ There are also reports of improvements to older categories, making it harder for users to encounter miscategorised pins during board perusal. Already the third largest social networking site in the United States – just tailing Facebook and Twitter – this new move certainly has the potential to take Pinterest to new heights by reducing its air of exclusivity and becoming much easier to use. And you know what more users means; more followers for your company’s mood boards! Will you be taking advantage of Pinterests open registration to enhance your online marketing strategy, or simply to start your very own vibrant mood board? Let us know!

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