Online Marketing News: Customers Expect Social Media Interaction

Online marketing news: 60% of consumers expect brands to respond on social media.

Developing your social media presence doesn’t stop at registering on Facebook and planning some updates, it involves actively engaging with your audience too. Statistics show that 60% of worldwide users expect the brands they follow on social media platforms to respond to comments regarding their services. To be exact, almost three quarters of Chinese interviewees said that they had commented on a brand’s social media profile about an experience they had. Brazilian respondents came in a close second with 68% of users commenting, and US and UK respondents brought up the rear with less than half of them saying that they had posted comments to brand profiles. The numbers say it all, and the responses these users receive have been proven to impact on their perception of the brand and, consequently, their purchasing habits. It is worth remembering that 46% of people globally said that they respect brands who contribute to discussions about their services, especially where they respond to negative feedback. This negative feedback is actually more important than the positive stuff. Studies have shown that one unhappy customer will tell an average of 14 friends about their negative experience, so take your less positive social media comments as an opportunity to demonstrate how great your customer service is. Apologise, ask the user why they are so unhappy and ask how they would like the issue resolved. Conducting this out in the open is also a brilliant way of showing the rest of your fans how much you care. Would you like to know more about how you could improve your social media presence? Use the buttons below to contact our friendly team and find out more about our comprehensive online marketing service.
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