Online Marketing News: Twitter Reveal Advertising API

What Twitter's advertising API means for your online marketing strategy...

Yesterday Twitter announced its much anticipated advertising API. Designed to let big ad agencies put together more sophisticated campaigns (think Facebook style!) it will more than likely increase the company's profits by a wide margin. Twitter's current ad service, which was launched in 2010, allows advertisers and their agencies to upload ads one at a time, however the newly launched API allows you to run multiple ads directed to different demographics side by side. twitterRumoured to be a 'game changer', the launch has been met with positive comments from the online marketing industry, with Michael Lazerow, the CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud stating that "we haven't had a huge exciting social marketing launch in a year". Twitter now caters for users in 33 languages. If you wanted to launch a global campaign, you previously had to load 33 different advertisements. Now, marketers will be able to automate these changes without having to load separate ads, making the advertising process much more efficient. There have been encouraging results for advertisers too. Adobe, for example, have been using the API since Christmas and have reported a 63% increase in followers with a cost-per-follow decrease of approximately 60%, working out at roughly $2 per follower. While the launch will lead to an  increase in advertising across the social media platform, Twitter itself have committed to maintaining a 'pleasant' user experience. Many marketers believe that Twitter will protect it's success by not over-running the site just to increase profits, however with social advertising extremely lucrative at the moment, only time will tell just how many ad's we're really going to be subjected to! Want to keep up to date with all the latest online marketing and social media news? Add our blog to your RSS feed and make sure you don't miss out! To find out more about working with MonkeyFish Marketing, please feel free to browse our range of clever online marketing services or contact us using the buttons below to discuss your requirements.

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