Top Online Marketing Picks For Powerful Twitter Searches

Searching for specific subjects on Twitter isn’t as easy as it might seem, even for the most experienced internet marketing expert on our online marketing team. And indeed, with around 10 million users updating their profiles with all manner of content it is very simple to get lost among the sea of Tweets, which is why our online marketing team decided to give our loyal readers a quick roundup of the best ways to navigate Twitter’s search capabilities.

1. Understanding Twitter’s search results. Twitter can be a daunting place to the uninitiated social media marketer, but can be conquered by getting to grips with the basics. Firstly, Twitter’s search results are divided into four different sections: Tweets, People, Videos and Images. The updates that appear in these sections aren’t handpicked by Twitter, but are determined by clever algorithms that make sure the most popular Tweets are placed at the top. So if you’re looking for a quick, up to date slice of content, ‘Top Tweets’ are the way to go. And for those looking for a more detailed search? Click ‘All.’

2. Narrow down search results by removing retweets. Once you have familiarised yourself with the basics you can get down to the business of narrowing down search results. One of the easiest ways to do this is by removing ‘retweets’ (updates shared by other users) by following your search term with the tag ‘-RT’. It’s surprising how many build up over just a minute!

3. Search by location. Searching for Tweets specific to your target is area is a great way of enhancing your social media marketing campaign, and is easily achievable by typing something similar to ‘near:NYC within:5mi’ after your chosen search term.

4. Search for Tweets that include links. Looking to swot up on a particular subject or find websites from a particular sector? Add ‘filter:links’ to your search phrase, for example, ‘blogging filter:links.’

5. Search for Tweets from a certain user. Do you see an easy to use trend emerging? Searching for Tweets from a particular user follows the same vein as the above areas, this time using the tag ‘from:username.’

6. Save your searches. One of Twitter’s most unknown features, saving your searches can be crucial to saving valuable online marketing time when you need to access the same subject, user or link again. Although capping the number of searches a user can save at 25, this feature is incredibly easy to use and just requires you to click the cog item at the side of your chosen search subject before hitting ‘Save Search.’ What could be easier?

Twitter is fast becoming a great online marketing tool, so filling yourself in on these simple yet effective search techniques won’t only enhance your Twitter experience, but the time you spend trying to grow your social media following. And if it still all seems too much? Bookmark Twitter’s ‘Advanced Search’ page and you’re good to go! Would you like to learn more about social media marketing? Give an internet marketing expert a call on 01282 504 730 and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

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