School Impresses Online Marketing Team With Facebook Timeline Lessons.

Our online marketing team wish they'd gone to this school – they use Facebook Timeline in History class!

Facebook and marketing are two words that have become synonymous with one another, especially with the release of this year’s online marketing figures showing that the social networking site is more prevalent than ever among both large and small businesses. But a school has begun using it to a totally different and quite pioneering effect!

Amsterdam-based school 43 Gymnasium has started utilising Facebook in it’s history lessons, taking advantage of the popularity of the social networking site among students to teach them about major historical events in a fresh and dynamic way. Incredibly user-friendly, using the Facebook timeline in this way allows students to create posts, link different forms of media and generate dialogue and debates among fellow classmates in one easily accessible place. But one of the most useful aspects of the Timeline is it’s chronological organising of updates. We all know how crucial this can be to those combining Facebook and marketing in their online marketing campaign, allowing businesses to mark the day they were founded, made their first sale and even hit the 1000 Facebook followers mark, and now students are employing it to even greater effect. Whether in their Magellan’s voyage, 20th century inventions, fashion history from 1950 to the present day or the rise and fall of the Soviet Union class, students can now mark crucial historical milestones in an engaging way that stands out, making it less likely that they will forget them come exam time. Our online marketing team think we could have done with methods like this when we were sitting our GCSE’s and A-levels! Monkeyfish Marketing are a clever online marketing company who specialise in organic search engine optimisation methods that grow businesses in an ethical way, and we’re always happy to talk! So whether you’d like to know more about our services or request a free website health check, contact our online marketing experts on 01282 504 730.

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