Online Marketing Tip: Improve Your Social Media Presence With Email.

Although the world of email may seem obsolete to some, it can in-fact prove an invaluable part of your online marketing strategy and go a long way in aiding your social media marketing campaign. Start with your website’s email subscription page. Use it to let visitors know who you are and to display your social media links, this way you aren’t forcing potential followers to search for them.

Another move that will go a long way in building trust with your readers is by choosing not to ask them to “be your friend.” Make it their choice and a value exchange by featuring a discussion, asking a question or offering resources. This level of intrigue has long proven a much more effective way of obtaining new fans. Then there is the mobile revolution to consider. 40% of consumers check their emails on a mobile device, a large, easy to connect to portion of users that could all be potential new followers.

To avoid missing out, optimise your content for mobile, get rid of any unnecessary content and provide an interactive exchange with your consumer – ask for feedback on products, request opinions and add mobile surveys. The key is to get people involved. Getting involved is one of the cornerstones of social media, whether that is in the form of a competition or simple Facebook poll. So why not run a campaign each month where your emails’ primary call to action is to invite your readers to join your social media following? You could even offer them a little something in return… Running exclusive promotions like these is also an excellent way of rewarding your current social media following. Create special emails that make them exclusive offers and ask them to get the word out to friends. Social media fans are much more susceptible to this kind of request when there is something in it for them. Have our tips for your online marketing strategy got you wanting more? Check out the rest of our blog posts or use the buttons below for more advice from our online marketing team.

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