Online Marketing Spend Set to Rise

Online marketing budgets set to increase this year...

According to the US Digital Marketing Spending Survey published by Gartner Wednesday, digital marketing budgets are set to increase by 9% this year. The survey, which was carried out in November and December last year, questioned 253 marketers from across America and highlighted that almost half of all those who responded, considered their corporate website to be the biggest key to successful online marketing campaigns, ahead of both social media marketing and web-based advertising. 45% of those surveyed said that corporate websites contributed to online marketing success, with 18% putting it in first place as the most important online marketing activity. 18% highlighted the importance of web-based advertising, while 43% said that advertising and social media marketing combined were contributing factors to their success. Out of the 253 questioned however, only 6% said that social media marketing was their main priority and only 24% said that mobile marketing was the key to successful campaigns. Do the statistics mean that businesses should forget social media marketing and advertising? Of course not! Social media and corporate websites do two completely different things. Social networks are used to engage users, but companies should remember to invest time on their own website to leverage the best results. “The survey results suggest that the corporate website will not be displaced anytime soon by a brand’s social media presence,” said Bill Grassman, research director at Gartner. He then went on to add “that’s all the more reason for marketing leaders to continuously invest in measuring and optimizing their websites through web analytics and testing…” While a well rounded campaign is a great way to ensure all angles are covered, spending time on your corporate website is a must. Search engines are still the most popular way of finding websites, so making sure your site is optimised ready for customers searching for your keywords is important for gaining leads and creating conversions. Online marketing agency, MonkeyFish Marketing, are specialists in search engine optimisation strategies and digital campaigns. To find out more about working with us, use the buttons below to contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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