5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid When it Comes to Your Online Marketing Strategy

Don't let your online marketing strategy suffer - 5 fatal blogging mistakes to avoid.

Blogs are a fantastic way to boost traffic to your website, but making sure you're doing it right can be hard! With no 'written' rules about how to create a successful blog, many companies, taking their online marketing strategy into their own hands, may often wonder whether it really is worth the effort. Research shows that companies with blogs generate 55% more visitors to their website than companies without, gaining 97% more inbound links and having on average 434% more indexed pages. Fantastic statistics and proof that having a company blog is definitely worth all the upkeep! But how can you make sure you're blogging correctly? Read our 5 fatal blogging mistakes to find out...

1 - Not Integrating Your Blog With Your  Company Website

Having a blog is great, but it needs to be connected to your website. Chances are you will have set up your blog on a free publishing platform (think Blogger, TypePad, etc) and will simply update it from there. However, creating a blog domain on your own website is a much better solution as it can then contribute to your online marketing strategy, keyword density and overall strength of your site.

The Fix:

Host your blog on a sub-domain of your main website, for example blog.monkeyfishmarketing.com or in a folder of your choice (http://yourwebsite.com/blog). Either of these options are the perfect way to combine your corporate website with your blog to benefit from the search engine advantages your blog should be creating.

2 - It's Not All About You!

While your blog is just that, your blog, you should be prepared to write some generic industry content that will attract a wider audience. We'll admit that it is a great way to show your customers the ins and outs of your business on a day to day business, but for the search engines to pick up your blog posts, it needs to be something that will interest more than just your loyal customer base.

The Fix:

To attract readers and encourage them to share your content, consider writing articles of general interest. They can still be industry related but try thinking of thought provoking subjects or recent news stories to put your own spin on.

3 - Too Little, Too Late

Posting articles to your blog inconsistently just doesn't work! Research shows businesses who benefit most from their blogs post consistent levels of content on a regular basis, i.e. one post a day.

The Fix:

Updating your blog can feel like a huge commitment but the results are worth it! Try and post one blog per week and then work your way up from there until you are posting consistently and regularly but most of all, at a frequency you are capable of maintaining.

4 - Don't Forget to Optimise! 

While we've discussed using your blog to post more generic content, it doesn't mean you can't optimise to reap the benefits. Forgetting to optimise your content can mean you're missing out on some fantastic search engine optimisation opportunities.

The Fix:

The number of keywords your site can rank for is related to the size of your website, and more often that not, the only difference between a 40 page site and a 400 page site, is the fact that the larger of the two has a blog. The more pages you produce, the more chances you have for them to be indexed and the more opportunities you have to develop your keyword strategy. Your online marketing strategy should list a number of keywords that you are aiming to target - try using these in your blog content for fantastic optimisation!

5 - Shout About It!

Take advantage of social media to really show off your blog posts. You've worked hard to write and publish them, so make sure you shout about them! By not promoting your blog posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you are missing out on thousands of opportunities to share your content with a wider audience.

The Fix:

Spend time working a social media campaign into your online marketing strategy. The perfect way to reach a wider range of people, it is a great place to show off your content and encourages users to read your posts, visit your site and share your company with their friends and family. If you're still not confident that you're using your blog to full effect, why not call the online marketing experts on 01282 504 730. With content writing and blog setup services available, let us do all the hard work!

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