Our Online Marketing Team Examine Tech Addiction.

Are you suffering from a tech affliction? Our online marketing team investigate four strange new illnesses…

How often do you check your social media accounts, play video games or check your phone for texts and emails? When you actually sit down and think about it you might surprise yourself, we know our team certainly did! With social media and emerging technologies growing and evolving each day, tech addiction has become a very real addiction that not only grips the youth of today, but adults the world over, especially those who take their online work home with them. According to a study published in the January edition of PLoS ONE, people who suffer from internet addiction may experience chemical changes in their brain that are similar to those of alcoholics and drug abusers! Are your technological habits healthy? Take a look at the four ailments below and see if you can spot some similarities to your own behaviour… 1. Phantom Vibration Syndrome. We’ve all done it at one point or another; reached for our mobile phone because we have felt it vibrate, only to discover that it hadn’t done so at all! But how often does it happen to you? Those who study the affliction class it in the same vein as phantom leg syndrome, and assert that sufferers come to see their phone as an extension of themselves that they can even feel vibrating from a different room! A scarily high 70% of phone users who rely heavily on their mobile have reported experiencing phantom vibrations. 2. Internet Addiction Disorder. Although not yet classed as a disorder in psychological journals, Internet Addiction Disorder, or IAD, can be so debilitating that it interferes with the sufferer’s daily life. This compulsory use of the internet can be categorised by excessive browsing, feelings of withdrawal and negative repercussions, such as poor performance at work, arguments with colleagues and loved ones, fatigue and in severe cases, depression. 3. Social Media Addiction Disorder. Unsurprisingly, Social Media Addiction is one of the most common tech addictions to date. A study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business even found that the 250 participants it surveyed saw checking their social networking sites a harder habit to break than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes! 4. Video Game Addiction. One of the most publicised addictions to date, Video Game Addiction has fast become a truly fatal illness, and we don’t use the word “fatal” lightly. Although not currently classed as an official disorder, Video Game Addiction causes sufferers to disregard normal aspects of life such as socialising, food and sleep. In-fact, high profile victims such as Chris Staniforth, a 28 year old South Korean gamer and, tragically, a three month old girl have all died due to some level of Video Game Addiction. So what do you think? Are your habits healthy? And how much is too much? We don’t know about you, but our internet marketing team think we’ll turn our mobiles off for the afternoon…

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